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China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone Work Office and Henan Daily Press Group jointly establish the Reporter Station of the Free Trade Zone

Article From:Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone   Time:2017/10/31 15:14:59 【Size:B M SPrint

  Establishment of Henan Daily Reporter Station in China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone

  and WeChat Public Account On-line Ceremony

  China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone

  On Oct.13,China(Henan)Pilot Free Trade Zone Work Office(hereinafter referred to as the Work Office)and Henan Daily Press Group jointly hosted the"Establishment of Henan Daily Reporter Station in Henan Free Trade Zone and WeChat Public Account Launching Ceremony".Jiao Jinmiao,the Director of Henan Provincial Commerce Department and the Work Office,and Zhao Tiejun,the President and Chairman of Henan Daily Press Group attended the ceremony and delivered a speech;the heads of other departments of the Henan Provincial Commerce Department and the Work Office as well as the management of Henan Daily Press Group attended the ceremony.

  Jiao Jinmiao pointed out that the Free Trade Zone is an important strategic plan of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for the comprehensive&deep reform and opening up under new situation,an indicator for the implementation of new concept of open development,a bridgehead for creating new pattern of the comprehensive opening,the pioneer for construction of new system open economy and the experimental field to participate in global economic governance.At present,Henan Free Trade Zone places high on the list of the third batch of free trade zones in many aspects.The innovative business system reform has been fully recognized by the Premier.The establishment of the Reporter Station in Free Trade Zone has opened a new chapter of cooperation and communication between the two sides.The Reporter Station is expected to innovate the propaganda way and intensify the propaganda closely around the province's overall situation of reform and opening-up and to summarize out more new measures,to spread good voice of construction of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone and tell a good story of the development of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone.

  Zhao Tiejun pointed out that since Henan Free Trade Zone was approved last year,it has become an important component of national free-trade zones layout to shoulder historical mission"Test the system for the country and seek better development of the region".The launch of"Henan Free Trade Zone"WeChat Public Account and the signing of cooperation agreement between two sides is the platform of Henan Daily Press Group to implement the requirements of provincial party committee and the provincial government,with the help of authoritative media group and modern means of communication,to provide the authoritative,comprehensive and timely information about the free trade for all walks of life.The cooperation of both sides will provide information support for free trade zone construction,and will also enhance and strengthen the media matrix of Henan Daily Press Group,so as to further enhance the guiding force,influence and credibility of the Group.Next,Henan Daily Press Group will further communicate with Henan Provincial Commerce Department and the Work Office and propagandize the Free Trade Zone through the Journal,WeChat Public Account and website,so as to provide powerful public opinion support for the construction of Free Trade Zone.