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Development finance supports construction of China (Henan) Free Trade Zone

Article From:Henan Free Trade Zone Work Office   Time:2017/10/31 15:22:11【Size:B M SPrint

  On September 26th,the signing ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Development of China(Henan)Free Trade Zone Supported by the Development Finance was held in Zhengzhou.Jiao Jinmiao,Director of Henan Provincial Commerce Department and Henan Free Trade Zone Work Office,and Fu Xiaodong,President of the Henan Branch of the China Development Bank,attended the signing ceremony and held discussions.The heads of the Comprehensive Coordination Division of the Free Trade Zone Work Office and the Planning and Development Division of Henan Branch of China Development Bank signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties respectively.

  Jiao Jinmiao expressed his heartfelt thanks for the strong support in Henan business development especially in Henan Free Trade Zone by the Henan Bank of China Development Bank,and then introduced the functions of Henan Provincial Commerce Department,especially the construction achievement of Henan Free Trade Zone since its establishment.Fu Xiaodong,President of the Bank,introduced the characteristic positioning and functional tasks of the national development financial institutions,and introduced the construction of Henan Free Trade Zone by the development finance.Both sides agreed to sign a cooperative agreement as an opportunity to further unite together and to carry out comprehensive full depth cooperation,implementing the national strategy and the provincial government's decision practice and creating more reproducible results of experience.

  According to the cooperation agreement,both sides will carry out cooperation in the fields of the financing plan,modern integrated transport hub and modern logistics center construction,"The Belt and Road"cooperation and exchange,construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone,free trade zone industrial support system construction,carrying capacity of free trade zone and business environment construction,and will together build Henan Free Trade Zone into the modern integrated transport hub of the"The Belt and Road Initiative",experimental field for a comprehensive reform and opening up and the inland open economy demonstration area.The signing of a cooperation agreement will further give full play to the advantages of the organization and coordination of the work office and the advantage of development finance and investment,and will increase the support in China(Henan)Free Trade Zone,so as to develop the new model for financial support in the construction of Free Trade Zone.